Something To Help You?

Some events that will cost only your time. And designed to help you to be healthier you!

  • Free Bootcamps

    There is a reason why people are looking towards Boot camp and that is. Boot camps are a fun, energizing a great approach to healthy and enhance your fitness while you are around others having the same objectives as you! Info

  • Free Run Sessions

    Whether you have taken up running to lose weight, to improve fitness, to relieve stress, to compete, or just to kill time, you’ll find that the benefits are many. These sessions will help improve your technique and go faster! info

  • Walk n Talk

    A fantastic way to see the sights of Brisbane as you walk through just one of the city’s bush areas. The walk can be anything from 9 to 12 kms. While walking along path, gravel and rough terrain. You will be chatting with fellow walkers which then makes the distance every enjoyable. info