Free run Sessions

Whether you have taken up running to lose weight, to improve fitness, to relieve stress, to compete, or just to kill time, you’ll find that the benefits are many. These sessions will help improve your technique and go faster.

No doubt you want a better way to run. A way to run less injuries a way to run for life. Keep in mind, though, that there are few universal truths to running. Everything depends on the individual, and techniques that some runners swear by might not be right for you. Experiment, find what makes you comfortable. It’s not terribly complicated: the only hard and fast rule to running is that you simply keep putting one foot ahead of the other.

On Sunday nights there is a variety of sessions we can do from

  • A run out and back: there are km marks you run to that point and run back And I time you. I also record that time.
  • 1 kilometer repeats: You run 500 meters out and back, rest a certain amount of time (varies) then do again up to 5 times.
  • Games; 1 game is cat and mouse. We all run together all of a sudden a mouse runs away and we have to catch.
  • There are others J

Beginners you may think I cannot do that. Well I can let you know you can. Everything we do is for people just starting and people who have been running for a while.

Everything is designed to help you become a more efficient runner. I want to teach you how to run better. To get the feeling of running as an easy option to exercise.

And before we even go for a run we will spend 15mins warming up and a little leg, upper, core or all over mini boot-camp first. So we are warmed up appropriately.

Important please Read Disclaimer. 
You are in good health with no serious injuries. You will inform the instructor if you do have any health issues that could hinder your participation. You give consent to participate. If you are unsure see a doctor or a health professional.
This activity is of a physical nature and injuries are very possible. I acknowledge this and give my consent to participating. The participants understand they need to be forthcoming  with any injuries or health issues as the instructor takes no responsibility for anyone that injuries themselves. There will be exercise modifications available.