Walk n Talk

A fantastic way to see the sights of Brisbane as you walk through just one of the city’s bush areas. The walk can be anything from 9 to 12 kms. While walking along path, gravel and rough terrain. You will be chatting with fellow walkers which then makes the distance every enjoyable.

A walk to Mt Gravatt lookout. Going along some sealed paths along gravel trails then to a terrain that’s up and down and all around.

We will start at Toohey Forest car park along Toohey Rd. Then make our way to the look out and back again. There are a number of ways to get to the top of the mountain. Depending on day and conditions we go a different way every month.
The walk takes approx. 2 hours, this depends on the tracks we take and amount of people.

You need good foot wear, walking clothes, hat, sun screen (if you use it), water, Sunnies and a good story to share.

There will be a few hills and this may challenge some people. Some level of fitness will be needed. In saying that I have had people just beginning walking make it. We are there to help and support you ever step of the way

The car park we are meeting in is the outbound side of Toohey Rd. There is more car parking space across the road. If you can organise car-pooling would make it easier.

My number is 0411 665 884 if anyone has trouble finding us