Kids Program

Kids Fitness Classes

A few Facts.

  • All kids naturally love to be active
  • Humans naturally love activities they are competent in and gain enjoyment from (gain pleasure).
  • Humans naturally avoid activities, and situations where they feel incompetent or don’t gain enjoyment ( avoid pain)

So what happens when people, not just kids, don’t find enjoyment in physical activities?

  • They become inactive, unhealthy and de-motivated

Inactivity Cycle:

  • Child tries a sport → Child receives lack of enjoyment/fulfilment in the activity because of lack of knowledge on how to do, it is the wrong sport for their personality, or a lack of encouragement from parents or friends → Child quits the sport and forms a negative association with the activity → Child tries another sport (hopefully)

This cycle proceeds for some (or few) rounds relying upon the backing and support a kid gets from family and/or friends. The more encouragement they receive to continue trying to find a sport they enjoy, the more optimistic their chances are at finding the right activity for them. In the event that they can’t find an activity or sport they like when they are young, many will stay inactive for throughout their teen years. A negative relationship with sports has started and may continue into adulthood, with a negative relationship to all physical activity (wellness sux), and instead they stray away from physical activity or attempting new exercises unless somebody can help modify their relationship with exercise on both a physical and emotional level.

A major consequence that must be avoided

  • Children who are not involved in physical activity become adults who are not involved in physical activity!

As a result of inactivity their:

  • Bones will be less dense ( future osteoporosis)
  • Confidence will be lower ( depression, anxiety, unwilling to try new things)
  • Social skills and teamwork skills will be underdeveloped
  • Determination and drive will be lower
  • Fitness and lean muscle will be lower
  • Core muscles will be weaker ( lower back, hip and knee problems as adults)
  • Their cardiovascular system will be weaker ( higher chance of hypertension)
  • Blood Sugar tolerance will be lower ( less lean muscle, greater insulin spikes, more fat storage)
  • Ability to burn fat will be lower in comparison to other adults and they will be more likely to be overweight.
  • Energy will be lower (Less energy = less life)

Primary School Teachers/Schools:

  • Sometimes teachers are unable to identify why (or even if) the students in their class are withdrawing from sport and activities or developing a negative association to fitness and health, and are in avertedly adding to inactivity cycle.
  • If teachers do not have a system/protocol to ensure ALL of the students in their class are developing a positive association with physical activity then they are promoting the inactivity cycle

Empower children to embrace exercise while having fun and learning

Kids just want to have fun and it is very possible to show them how to enjoy exercise while improving their health and fitness.  A Fitness class will include the fundamentals of fitness as well as the following components:

  • Agility, Balance, Coordination and Strength training drills
  • Introduction to the basic components of fitness—cardiovascular, endurance and strength
  • Motor skills development and enhancement
  • Sports skills and drills
  • Fitness games