Why Suspension Straps

Why Suspension Straps

You might have seen them hanging around at the gym or maybe seen them in a park. They can be hanged from almost anything, a vertical or horizontal beam. Because this you can use them almost anywhere. I say almost as I have not found a place yet that I have not been able to set something up.

What are they? They are a fitness tool that hangs from somewhere high and you use your body as the weight. So you use your body weight to create resistance with a set of straps.

Whencore, suspension, exercise you are working out using the straps, you use multiple muscles for every exercise you do. We all know when we use multiple muscles your energy expenditure goes up and this happens in a smaller space in time.

If that is not enough you can adjust what you are doing to make it easier or harder. We find the right level for you to work out at. You will always finish your set. No matter what, going to max on the strap is an eye opener!!

So what are some benefits of suspension training?? My top 12 things!

  1. Improves your balance
  2. Improves your co-ordination
  3. Improves muscular strength & endurance
  4. Improves muscular Improves power and explosiveness
  5. Use more muscles at the same time
  6. Work out in less time with similar or better results
  7. Improves Cardio fitness
  8. Burns calories and improve body composition
  9. Increases your energy levels
  10. Improves your flexibility
  11. Work in multiple planes with ease
  12. Learn to switch your core on
  13. {BONUS} Can help injury prevention & rehab

Where you think you are in good shape or a beginner, there is a place for everyone. When you exercise with a suspension system you can help increase muscle mass, when you do this you increase your metabolism and then this helps burn fat. The other part of all this your cardiovascular system is working. This is done through multi muscles working at the same time.

So in the end you will get stronger, get muscle & metabolism benefits at the same time as working your cardiovascular system a work out in less time than normal. Teach your body to burn FAT.

If you are interested in trying suspension I recommend that you get in touch with a qualified Suspension trainer. Someone who can show you how to use the straps effectively and not injury yourself? There is still is that chance of injury so get proper guidance.

For anyone reading this article. Call me for two 30 minute complementary sessions. The first one is aimed at teaching you about the straps the second one to give you the idea of what a session is really like. Call 0411 665 884 or Like me @ Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/allageconditioning.