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Looking for something new? A workout that gets your heart pumping whilst strengthening you core, toning your abs and chiselling your legs leaving you with an awesome body that would normally take years to achieve alone?

Boot camp challenges every muscle in your body, utilizing short rest periods in between exercises, to keep your body and mind continuously on the go.

Changing fitness workouts help the body to adapt, change and become stronger.

Built on three fundamentals of training— agility, cardio, and strength—boot camps require little more than your body weight to get amazing fitness results.

Burning hundreds of calories, during pause periods and even after you complete a workout. It’s a workout to challenge your body and mind leaving you feel both physically and mentally fulfilled.

It’s for the strong, the weak, the fit, and the not so fit. There is no discrimination. You exercise at your level plus 1. Your body will adapt, as long as you can commit, and attending regularly.

You can usually expect to burn between 500 to 600 calories during one hour long session, meaning you can shed fat and build muscle very quickly, whilst feel great doing so.

Getting through a challenging workout builds confidence and self-esteem. We work with you to achieve your fitness goals.

One key to success is camaraderie. Your Boot-camp group gives you motivation and support to help push you through an intense workout, so you actually enjoy showing up, its not a chore. . Your Boot-camp team mates become more than just colleagues, they are your friends who will support and guide you. They get you through the good and the bad times in your life, not just each workout.

With something different every day you know your exercise will be helping you to increase your fitness, your endurance and most importantly your enjoyment in your life.

Most exercises can be done anywhere and you get to learn them with the help of a qualified person who has your interests at heart.

Get your questions about fitness; exercise and nutrition answered without jargon, by your Boot camp trainer. As they are know your daily fitness workout, they can provide you with great nutritional advice,

Nothing is promised that can’t be delivered. We have realistic goals for you that can be achieved. In the end the only person that can do this is you. The team is here to back you up 100 % every time. We look at you as an individual and listen to what you want to achieve in your fitness career.

Utilize nutritional advice by someone who puts into practices what they have studied.

  • Do you want results? I know we do!
  • Are you committed to your health and fitness? We are!
  • Do you want to be a better you? We are with you 100 %
  • Do you have something sports specific? We can help!
  • Do you want to join a community? We want you to!

If you answered yes to some or all these don’t stop now give John a call on 0411 665 884 for a chat about where it is you want to go and who you would like to be.

If you are after a refreshing change in your life and want to get started, come and say “Hi!” and we can get “gym” ball rolling. The progress you make in only four weeks is extremely rewarding, you just need to break through that mental barrier and know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. By week one, that mindset will be owned by you. The next three weeks are simply a building progress.